Strong for Life is a personal training company based in Phoenix, Arizona. Owned and operated by Kim Saari, a certified personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. Strong for Life is a small company that strives to provide high quality individual training in a private training facility. Helping individuals of all kinds to meet their goals and desires, Kim strives to keep her clients for a lifetime, as evidenced by clients that she has had for over 10 years. Focus is given to the individual, personal needs to enable them in leading a lifestyle of health and fitness, feeling the best they can every day of their lives! By incorporating lifestyle changes, including healthy eating and physical activity on a regular basis, individuals can go through life feeling good about themselves.

If you are looking to stay away from public gyms and "cookie cutter" training, this is the company for you! Strong for Life offers individual personal training sessions, class workouts of all kinds, fitness camps, bootcamps and even a Women's Wellness Retreat on the beautiful beaches of southern California. Clients range from 8 years old to 80+ years old. Fitness for children is for all kids, sports specific training for children competing and/or participating in sports of all kinds, to children who simply need to incorporate fitness into their lifestyle, including proper eating and nutrition. Adult training is from professional athletes of all different sports to housewives, senior citizens, anyone who understands the importance of a healthy lifestyle.